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Visual SLAM Tutorials (Features-based)

Visual SLAM is a complicated system (at least for me). It involves multiple processes running at the same time, such as feature extraction & matching, keyframe management, pose estimation, map management, re-localization and many others. For the untrained eyes, the mysteries and mathematical burdens behind the beautiful SLAM box can be discouraging. However, once appreciated, SLAM is breathtakingly beautiful (and useful).


This is personal notes that I took while localizing among SLAM ;)

[Coming soon...]

Make and CMake tutorials

When you code, you jot down your ideas in "human language". However, as far as I know, machines don't talk Humanish. So how could your code execute like a charm? The magic comes from Make.

Unfortunately, for a beginner, Make itself is a steep learning curve. This is my personal experience with Make and I hope it might be useful to others.

STM32 Tutorials

This is a personal log of my journey in learning STM32. I started this log, pretty much owning to inspirations from the PX4 project. This series of articles is best described as my attempt to make a useful log, not only to myself but also to others who will be going through the same learning curve (with as much frustrations and satisfactions) on their own journey with STM32.

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