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Admittedly, this part was the original reason I created this personal website. I wanted to properly arrange my messy memories so that it could be useful, not only to the future me who would want to dig up for some codes or mechanical drawings, but also hopefully to others who are looking for some references.

All of the images are original, unless otherwise explicitly indicated. They were either taken by me or my teammates.

Currently, due to heavy workload from my full-time job, I am no longer actively involved in any side projects.

However, in my free time, I give advices to a team of passionate undergraduate juniors on their underwater robot project. Here are some photos.

However, it is not that boring here if you checkout my past projects below... :)

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SAUVC 2018

RobotX 2016

SAFMC 2015

AAV 2014


Past projects

SAUVC 2018


SAUVC is an annual autonomous underwater competition organized in Singapore. The tasks include gate navigation, pinger search, underwater visual target acquisition.

This is the first year that team MECATRON Merlion was formed and participated in the competition. However, the students have tried their best to secure the Final Round Qualification and overall 7th ranking.


RobotX 2016

Honolulu, Hawaii, US

RobotX is a bi-anual competition organized by RoboNation. RobotX 2017 was held in Hawaii, and was the highlight of my Final Year.

I was in Singaboat, a team of about 15 undergraduate students trying to build an autonomous boat, based on the WAM-V platform, as shown in the photo.

Eventhough we were met with countless challenges and eventually did not manage to tackle the tasks by of the competitions, the experiences were invaluable to me.


SAFMC 2015


Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Compeition (SAFMC) is organized annually by Singapore Defense Science Organization (DSO).

I  have been an avid fan of SAFMC since 2010, but SAFMC 2015 is the most memorable to me because it was my first time in category D2: Fully Autonomous.

I also did this as part of an URECA Undergrad Research project. We managed to run Laser SLAM with a Hokuyo UTM-30LX, navigation with A* algorithm with  a Raspberry Pi 2.

During competition, we managed to fly safely through the maze of the competition and won a Bronze Medal and The Creativity Award.

Checkout the SLAM video here.


AAVC 2014

Bangkok, Thailand

Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge (AAVC) 2014 was organized by Thai Royal Airforce and held in Bangkok.

I was the leader of team NTU-Flyon. We designed a sleek fixed-wing V-Tail for the competition, as shown in the photos. We had flown (and crashed) many prototypes before going to Thailand.

During the competition, we demonstrated successful operation during the qualification round. However, during the actual round, our aircraft lost directional control. We helplessly watched the UAV descend to its fate...

Till this day, we are still unsure of the exact reason. But based on the behavior and log, we highly suspected a failure of one aileron servo.